Learning Japanese and Chinese just got faster

Memorize hanzi and kanji efficiently with mnemonics and gamification.


“Doctor Professor stands out among all other learning alternatives. The memo stories are fun and make it easier for students to build their vocabulary. When my students use the app independently in class, I get extra time to catch up with grading exams, a valuable benefit to me as a busy teacher.”
Fengping Mao, Chinese Teacher

"I studied Japanese for many years and struggled a lot to memorize the kanji. Doctor Professor changed it all for me. After a couple of months I had learned hundreds of new kanji and easily passed my exams at Waseda University, Tokyo. I would never have achieved this with traditional kanji learning methods."
Gustavo Maultasch, Diplomat

"My 9 year old son is a heritage learner growing up outside of Japan. Doctor Professor's illustrations and animations are fun and really help him learn the kanji. The app lets him follow the same kanji curriculum as kids in Japan do and he often scores 100% on his weekly quizzes at school. This is subarashii!"
Maiko Shimoda, parent


In a scientific evaluation study we measured the educational effects of our alpha-demo. In comparison with other methods, both students and teachers expressed it was easier and more fun to learn Chinese writing characters with our concept.

The study took place in real life classroom settings in Tokyo. 130 students and 6 teachers of Japanese as a foreign language participated. The students ranged from beginners to advanced level and were between 10-35 years old. The demo taught 150 writing characters. On average, after using our demo up to 4 hours the students memorized the meaning of 61 new writing characters. This learning progress was measured as the difference between the students average score in a pre-test and post-test.

The app

Here's all you need to know about the current version of the product.

What is Doctor Professor?

It’s an app that helps you memorize the meanings of Chinese writing characters as they are used in Chinese (simplified hanzi) and Japanese (kanji). You learn in a playful way by engaging across three activities:
· STUDY illustrated and animated memory stories to learn the character meanings.
· PLAY a game to rehearse the character meanings.
· TEST yourself to keep track on your learning progress.

On what device can I use the app?

Doctor Professor runs online in your browser and works best on computer screens with a width of 1024 pixels or more. The app is not yet adapted for tablet or mobile screen sizes.

Are the characters in the app aligned with any language courses?

Yes, the app is currently aligned with these syllabuses:
· Lai Ba 1 (160 hanzi)
· Genki 1 (168 kanji)
· Genki 2 (171 kanji)
· Adventures In Japanese volume 1-3 (350 kanji)
· JLPT Level 5 (120 kanji)
· JLPT Level 4 (170 kanji)
· GCSE Japanese (200 kanji)
· IB AB Initio (200 kanji)
· IB SL (200 kanji)
· AP (400 kanji)

How many writing characters does the app have?

Currently, the app teaches the meanings of 350 simplified hanzi and 600 kanji. We continuously add more writing characters.

How can I try and buy this app?

Try the app for free with limited content for as long as you like. Then start a subscription ($10 for one month or $25 for three months) to access all writing characters in the app.

I already have an account but how do I access the app?

Sign in here.

Do you have school subscriptions?

Yes! Contact us for group orders and if you would like us to create character lists that align with your syllabus.

Terms of use & Privacy policy

By signing in to the Doctor Professor app you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. More info about the European GDPR regulation can be found here.

How do I leave feedback?

Please contact us and let us know your thoughts about the app!


We are located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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ICU, Tokyo

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